Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet sweet Freedom

So after all that whining and crying, I realized. I don't like Wren. Nope. Not at all. Well maybe a little, but thats not the point. I realized I had built him up to so much more than he really was. Yeah, I realized that before, but before I didn't do anything about it. So after I figured out I just put all the "perfect qualities" into him. I did nothing. I kept on liking WREN. Not the made up person in my head.
Now I've figured out how I can avoid not liking Wren, and getting hurt by someone who I thought I knew, but really I know nothing about. Its going to be lame. Don't laugh at me. I'm going to insert those soul mate qualities into a celebrity. Lame. I know. Laugh all you want. This way I'm not obsessing over a guy I actually see during the day. So who is my handsome soul mate you might ask.
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None other than Nick Jonas. Don't make fun. I actually really like Nick. I was going to pick Justin Beiber, but then I might kill myself hahaha. No, but Nick is really cute and fits all the physical requirements, so I can just insert my soul mate qualities and stop flipping heart over head for Wren. I feel somewhat loserish for doing this, but I think it might help me in the long run.
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It will also help me find an actual guy. You may say "Why Tansy, how is that ever going to help you find a boyfriend? Aren't you basically making up your own boyfriend" Nope. I'm not. This way I won't be so blinded by Wren, and I can see when guys actually like me. I tend to do that. A lot. Turn guys away that I'm not crushing on.
Of course, this doesn't mean I'm fishing for a boyfriend. I'm just going to wait and sit and do nothing. Yup. I don't like anyone any more so I can be free to be single and mingle haha! I don't expect to find a boyfriend, he'll find me, and unlike most of the time I'll give it a chance. I feel so light hearted right now:) I like this feeling. Its like I'm turning over a new leaf.

Peace out Girl Scout.


  1. I love this post! I decided to the same thing. I want to be found and pursued! Just have to be patient...

  2. Being patient is going to be the hard part..