Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes.

So I hate sleeping. I never thought I would! I slept to two today. Yeah.. Well during that time I had several different dreams. Dream 1, gave me feelings for Wren back. AH! I thought I was over that! Any way. It was different, because we were friends, best friends, but there was more too it. I don't know it was just very strange. Its like we were best friend, but I think we were dating. I don't know. Strange.
Amanda Leocádio
Second dream, Glee related. It was VERY strange. Any way. Good dream, but very weird.
forgiveness and love
Third dream, I was in the navy, but it was a very weird navy. Well I wasn't in the navy. I was a visitor to the Navy, or more like a Navy psychological consultant. I had to help these two girls and some guy. Well it was about making snowflakes or something. It was very strange, but at the end I was marrying the guy. It was all just very strange.
Modern Museum Yellow and Grey Wedding in Pasadena by Jagger Photography | Ruffled
Any way. Just thought you all would like to know this for some odd reason. It was all very strange. They were all connected some how too.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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