Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make it or Fake it.

First impressions. Yup. We all make 'em. But how do we really make a good first impression? First it starts out with your outfit. Yeah, how materialistic is that, but it's true. If you see someone wearing nothing but black clothes and spiked bracelets you're going to think wow they must be a goth. Its awful how today's society we make snap judgement about people because of the way someone looks, but thats why I'm writing this. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR! What you wear defines you. Defines who you are. But I don't know who I am.
I look in my closet and see clothes everywhere. I wonder. Who do I want to be today. I could be a million different people. Am I indie? Am I rock? Am I prep? Am I goth? Am I athletic? Am I nerdy? WHO AM I? Who do I want people to see me as? Who do I want to present myself to the world as? I really wish I would find out because I am having several fashion melt downs.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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