Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 is the Magic Number.

So I've done it. Yes shy little Tansy S. has done it!! I have made plans with Wren! Well not really. Well kinda. I'm giving him some notes on a class I took this past year and he's taking this year, but still we have plans to meet in a parking lot!! Yeah, sketchy right, but no it's not! Thats were everyone meets down here! So in my mind it can go three different ways.
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Scenario 1: We meet at 2 in the parking lot, I give him the notes. We both leave. I would be fine with this situation because thats all that was planned. This is what I expect to happen.
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Scenario 2: We meet at 2 in the parking lot, I give him the notes. We start talking, are cars would be facing each other and we would both be sitting on our hoods. We would talk for an hour. He would ask me to go grab something to eat with him. I would jump in his car, and we would ride of into the sunset with him on the way to McDonald's or something.(I'm hungry okay).
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This is the least likely scenario considering its 2 in the afternoon, and we would have to be talking for like 5 hours. This would be my hope and dream. I would actually get to spend time with him, but it probably won't happen.
Scenario 3: I would arrive at the parking lot at 1:45. I would wait in my hot car, with Lady Ga Ga busting out the speakers. It would be 2. I would turn down the radio and stop dancing like a fool. I keep waiting. 2:18 I would send him a text and ask him if he died. 2:30. No reply. I decide to get brave and call him because we all know how I hate to talk on the phone. 2:31. Voicemail. I say to myself, he probably just got stuck in traffic.
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2:32. I realize there isn't any traffic at 2 in the afternoon. 2:40. I send the tenth text message asking him where he is. 3:00. I admit defeat. I was stood up. In a parking lot. At 2 in the afternoon. With AP US History notes in the passenger side of my car. I am a loser. This is worst case scenario. I would then proceed to cry until 3:30. And boohoo all the way home. This scenario would happen after scenario 1, and way before scenario 2. I would have failed.

Stay tuned, remember this is going to be like a Stream of Posts(like Faulkner's stream of consciousness). Don't read "Don't Go with the Flow" if you don't want to be extremely disgusted.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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