Sunday, June 6, 2010

Don't Count on It.

So I have like started and erased and started and erased this post like twelve times, so I'm just going to write. Do you know what REALLY bothers me? People. Yup, people. At this point you're probably saying to yourself, "This chick is crazy, what is she talking about," and then you exit out of my page. Thats fine I don't care, and maybe I am a little bit crazy. Heck. Who isn't just a little bit crazy, but back to my people hating. Really though, I hate people. Don't take this personally. For all I know you are a great person, but I still hate people. I've started to rely on people way too much, and the truth is you can't rely on people. People aren't RELIABLE. No Joke. I asked someone to give my book back like a month ago and they sitll haven't. I NEED that book. It just irks me, yes I just said irks. But really was it that hard to go five minutes down the street? No. No it wasn't. Thats why I have to get up tomorrow and go do get it because PEOPLE didn't do it the first time. Hence, why I hate people.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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