Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who I am.

So just kidding. Lets start now. Here's the first prompt. Above is my first entry. In the smaller words it says:
The mysteries of me is what i set out to seek. Where it will lead me I'll never know. Who I am will constantly change, yet i'll always be me. No one can change that. You see. Tansy will always be my name for thats who i was set out to be. I don't know who I am now. I'm looking for her. I truly am. what I'll find will change my life. This sounds weird I know. I'm a very weird person, but just watch now. I'll grow. Tansy is a type of flower. I'm ready to see what I'll look like when I bloom

Journal Prompt Number 1: Create a full page design introducing yourself :)
Highlight your name many times in the midst of your design.
I chose to use a lot of line design because I love it so much lately.
I also chose to draw some of the things that I like as well in there!!
Have fun, be creative, don't stress, just jump right in!!

This prompt is from Janel from run with scissors. Click Journal Prompt Number one to find Janel's blog.

Peace out Girl Scout.

p.s. I want to see YOUR journal pages too!

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  1. This is awesome. I am definitely gona join the journal challenge so we gona need 2 encourage each other coz im terrible at journaling LOL will start today... Share my answers tomoro.