Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Open up your eyes

I think it's time for a more serious post, something that I think will help me define myself instead of talking about stupid boys. Well I think I've already ruined it by giving it this introduction. Really. I've butchered it. Well I'll go ahead and start before I start digging my self deeper.
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I could never be blind. Never, in a million years would I ever be able to say okay, I don't have to see anymore. All of the things, faces, art, nature I haven't seen yet. All of these experiences I don't think would be complete with out the gift sight. I don't know if I could handle not seeing color any more. Not being able to look up at the clouds and daydream forever.
I admire Hellen Keller. To the deepest ends. She overcame so much, but she still wasn't able to fully experience the world like I have. I wonder if she knew what she was missing, yet with eyes that see, come tears that hurt. The world isn't always a happy place. Though people might like to turn a blind eye to poverty and desperation. It's still there. No matter how hard we try to look away.
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Would the world be a different place if we were all blind. There would be no judgement. No discrimination. Would that be a better world, or just a blind world? No art. Not knowing about the problems the rest of the world has? Would that be better?
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Believing isn't seeing, but seeing is believing. Once you see something you'll never forget how it made you feel. Ever. A piece of art. A favorite blanket. A favorite color. God gave us sight for a reason, yet he chose not to give it to others for a different reason. He chose to let us see each for separate reasons. Only he knows the full reason. We only get to "see" bits and pieces of why.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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