Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hey you, I'm kinda in love with you.

Why. Why does your hair fall perfectly over your eyes? Why do your texts want to make me giggle like a little girl? Why can't I help going to your facebook page so much that I feel like a stalker? Why does your passion just happen to be mine too?
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Why do you make me love you? Is that too much? Do I really love you? If I loved you would I be asking these questions? If you loved me would you really not text me back? Do I really make you laugh when you say lmao or pffftttllllllhahahaha? Or are they just words? Space holders for nonexistent feelings? What do you mean when you say "I'm sorry I can't be there"? What do you mean when you say "hey"?
Is there some secret code that I have to use to get you to like me? To get you to acknowledge my existence? Is there something that I'm missing? Some special feeling that I don't have? Why do you make me think about you every single night? Why can't I get you out of my head? Is there something else I can do?
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Why can't it just be simple? Why can't you say "Hey, you're special to me. We need to hang out. We need to go somewhere."? Have you already and I just didn't realize it? Why do you have to be so amazingly awesome and sweet and understanding? Why oh why did I have to fall in love with you.
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