Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hopelessly in Love

So I've realized something today as I was watching the Bachelorette. I'm hopelessly in love with falling in love. No joke. That and I have no life because I was watching the Bachelorette, but thats a whole 'nother ball game. Any way. This is such an unhealthy relationship. You will not be receiving a rose hulu for recommending me this show. Really though. I think I'm so smitten with falling in love, I really love the idea. Which sounds really cheezy.
Its true though. I want to fall in love so badly that it hurts my relationships I think. I don't know, but I think its not a good thing for me to sit there and watch people "falling in love". Though I am so hopelessly addicted to it. Ah.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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