Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"love sick, yeah yeah".

Let me tell you my love back ground. Well not love but you know puppy love. So I've had two boy friends. Broke up with both of them after three months. Was there a problem. No. Did I love them. Questionable. But I feel I tend to make this idea in my head of the "perfect boyfriend" qualities include but are not limited to the following: gorgeous hair(must), blue eyes, tall. those are the typical physical qualities. And when I look for a boy friend thats what I look for.
Jackie In The Box

Nothing else. But my ideal "soul mate" would be sweet, sensitive, smart, passionate for people, honest, and my best friend. I stick those qualities on to whoever matches the physical qualities. So if there is a hot guy in my AP English class who fits those "boyfriend" qualities I immediately fall in "love" with that person with out even getting to know them for who they are.

And if that isn't enough I fall hard. I put all these expectations on them and they don't have it. Because they are made up in my head. I never really "talk" with the people I fall in love with because I already know who they are. I made them. So as a lay in bed at night thinking about this person its not them I'm dreaming about. Its about my soul mate(who i will find might i add).
////// lets make the world jealous♥
Like right now the guy I'm "crushing on", I realized I may only have two things in common with him, no three. And it kind of hurts realizing he's not who i think he is. Ah. oh well.

Peace out Girl Scout

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