Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look before you Leap

Up late again blogging... sigh. So I would like to thank V from Starts and Chilies for awarding me her blog of the week. I feel so honored after only blogging for like two days. Check her out she's got some awesome recipies I'm dying to try and the way she talks about God is incredible. But anywho. The real reason I'm righting is because I think I'm going outside my comfort zone. So to understand what I'm about to say you need to read my last post. So read it? Good. So now even though I do the same thing over and over again I think I like this guy. And I have talked to him one on one like once. like we've talked more than that, but its been about classes and stuff. I don't know. ugh. I just don't want to leap before i look and make sure someone's there to catch me.
Life is beautiful, dress accordingly
Most of all I want to be able to leap and me catch myself. I'm not much of a... go for it person. Do you know what I'm saying? I can't just...gasp...talk to him. Its just. I think I'm too self conscious. Ha. Maybe I'm worried he'll judge me. So I get these crushes who I like for YEARS and I never talk to them. And I've talked to this guy. A lot. And I thought he liked me, but now he won't answer his phone. Facebook chat. or anything and Its not like I send him a message every five seconds. Some days I make myself promise not to talk to him. Not to say anything to him. He's been there for me. He seems honestly concerned for me. Would we make better friends. Ugh. I feel like this is a diary. Well it kinda is. I originally started a diary for this, but I couldn't make the words flow. So this is kinda my diary, and I'm letting random strangers look into it. Ah. I kinda went off subject there for a minute. Oh. Well. I think I'm finnished. If you have an advise for me don't feel shy to "share the love" so to speak

Peace out Girl Scout.

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