Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey I thought you were kinda my best friend

So I don't understand. I don't understand why my best friend is being like this. Okay story time. So I asked my best friend a simple question that I needed to know the answer to. So she told me to never talk to her again about it. I said excuse me but I would just like to know the answer to the question. Then she completely went off on me. Loud voicemail and everything. So today(this happened like a week days ago) She sends me a text answering my question then proceeds to tell me she wishes i would die because "I deserve it" So i said um what are you talking about "best friend" and she said I love you but I hate you.
So i'm like well what is that supposed to mean. ugh. I hate fights. So maybe I need to change my attitude. Maybe she's going through something right now that I don't know about or something she doesn't want to talk about. Girl Drama. Can't live with it can't live with out it even though we'd all like to. All I can do now is pray about it. God will know what to do. I just have to listen.

Peace out Girl Scout.

pictures via weheartit