Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going Dark.

I'm done. I'm finnished. I'm through with people. I know its awful, but its true. I need to completely sever myself from the situation, so... I'm going dark. Yup. No electronics the rest of the summer. Only exceptions are this blog, my email(for my work schedules), and my ipod. Its the only way I be at peace. No facebook, no myspace, no twitter, no cell phone(except when I'm driving I'll take that for my parents, so change of plans)no TEXTing. I think my life be much more at ease with out the interruptions of other peoples lifes. I've already logged out of twitter myspace and facebook, and I have turned off my cellphone. I'm done. Through. I'm now devoting all my time to God.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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