Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 day journal challenge!!

So I've been inspired by Taylor to start the 30 day Journal Challenge. I always wanted to journal. I started this blog as a journal originally, but the words wouldn't flow. So now I'm copying my blog into a journal, but any way. I'll start the challenge soon, I just need a Journal... choices choices(before I decided to spell that with out an h). I know what pen I'll be using. Its my new favorite. Its a Choice hotels pen... yeah make fun. I love it though! :) I challenge you all to do the challenge with me. Everyone else is way far ahead. Lets start Next Monday. Kay? I"m getting all these prompts from Janel. So all the things will be hers and i'll put a picture up of my journal post that goes along with the prompt.

So get you a journal and a hotel pen and lets get ready to journal!

Peace out Girl Scout.

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