Thursday, July 8, 2010

Will you be my best friend?

The more I think about it I realize I'm not looking for love. I'm looking for a best friend. A best friend who will always be there for me. A best friend that will love me for who I am. A best friend that is good looking, but a best friend who I can always count on.
I love my best friends. I let them know that. This is a special love. A special connection. Thats really what love is. You never can give it away too much, but you can keep it to yourself which might not be a good thing. I want a best friend. I best friend that will kiss me in the pouring rain. A best friend that will take me places and show me off.
Love Trains ♥
I want to end up marrying my best friend. I want every thing we do together to be fun, to be a memory. This makes me realize that to marry my best friend I have to let people into my life. I'm a very introverted person. I need to open up to more people. I tend to turn people away. If I keep doing that I'll live to be an old maid with 30 cats.
I want someone to sweep me off my feet, but I want to know this person too. I don't want some random prince charming. I want someone I know. Someone I already care for. Someone who has been through it all with me. Someone who knows myself better than I do. That will be my best friend. Thats the person who I'll fall deeply and madly in love with.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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  1. This made me tear up. Coz theres a part of me thats looking 4 that friend but in a friend as i already have my heart!
    i have long stopped believing in best friends coz i have lost SO many but as you can read in my blog, i am at a stage where i am ready to be a friend not look 4 someone who wants 2 be a friend....
    i have been missing a lot on your side 2. Been trying to catch up with everyone but Jor its tough at times lol!! I am catching up though!!! woop