Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day three- yippeee

Today is day three of Janel at Run With Scissors blogging I mean journal challenge!! Prompt three tells me to write a letter to someone I love.

Dear sweet sister Bayla,

My wonderful baby sister. I love you for all eternity. Don't grow up too fast. Be there for mommy. Boys are stupid. They'll give you cooties. Hold on to your childhood. Never say never. Call me every week once I'm gone. I'll miss you terribly. If you ever need me I'm always here for you.
Goodreads | Esmes photo - me and my shadow
You make me laugh, you inspire me, you get on my last nerve. You're the smartest eight year old I've ever met. You're truly talented. Let God guide you in all you do. Don't ever change who you are for someone else. Be who YOU want to be. I love you.

big sis.

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