Sunday, July 18, 2010


Back from camp!! It was amazing! I met tons of awesome new people, and learned lots more about God and myself! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to write any blog posts. So we'll start fresh tomorrow.
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My blogger friend V has asked me to restart the Journaling challenge, but this time I'm just going to blog about the challenges. not journal them, because we all know how that turned out.... Well its good to be back!! I love you all!

Peace out Girl Scout


  1. O yay!!!! YAY!!! sommer extra excited now woop woop!!!! I have such a good laugh at myself with my drawings hey, sometimes in stitches... Family must think i am losing it!!!
    Welcome welcome back!!!! :D AND glad 2 hear you had an awesome camp.

  2. AND you have 15 followers Tansy!! Thats awesome!!!!!

  3. glad you're back.. and btw, i've stolen Peace out Girl Scout for my everyday language. seriously brightens my day