Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Letter to the Future- College ME.

Dear College-self,

Where are you know, who did I become to be? Are you kind? Are you loving? I hope you're happy. Isn't that what anyone would wish for themselves? I hope our faith is strong. I hope that nothing could knock down our love for Jesus.
I want to know, what are you doing these days? Did my life-plan work, or did we decide to take a different route? How is college, I really want to know, I'll be there soon. Did I keep our friends, did the people in our life change drastically? I hope all is well, where ever you are. Stay strong self, I know you need it.


Peace out Girl Scout.


  1. Dear Tansy,

    Oh how I wish that we could peek for a moment into the future...or do I really? Would we really want to know? And how would it affect us now? I suppose the best the thing for us to do is not be anxious about tomorrow, or what the future holds, but to live our lives in such a way that our future is secure and certain. Have a blessed, wonderful, fabulous day ;)

  2. LOVE IT. Thats such a good point, and maybe we just need to really let go, lives our lives for now, and let God take care of the rest! Thanks for your insight. It made me think on such a different level. Peace and Love.