Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Dance.

I have had what you might call a blogging FAIL. The last time I really posted was in like 18 days ago. I feel stupid. I love blogging. It keeps my head on straight. When I blog I feel energized and excited and just plain happy. I need some happy in my life. I will never again go more than a week with out blogging. Granted it will probably be only once a week when school starts back, but I will, nay must blog.
Love and Light
Blogging clears my mind of everything. Its my creative outlet. Well this and dance. I love to dance:) Some people run, swim, eat, drink, smoke, or even sleep(what i've been doing(sad face)) to clear their mind. Me, I blog, and dance. Mostly dance.
Somewhere in Barcelona.
Dancing is my outward expression of happiness:), but I don't only dance when I'm happy. I dance when:

I'm bored
I'm sick
I'm silly
I'm excited

Dancing just makes me feel good inside.
...Tiny Dancer...
I blog when;

I'm sad
I'm lonely
I'm hurt
I'm angry.
I think I've found the two things I'm good at are the two things that I love to do the most.

and this brings me back to the purpose of this blog. To find myself. Or create myself. Before Taylor asked me to help her, I never even thought of blogging. Now I've realized that the simple idea of this blog, to find who I am, has helped me more than anything. I've found more of me than I ever could have before. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic.

Peace out Girl Scout.


  1. you and i are exactly in the same spot, i swear.. one of my fav quotes ever is..
    so keep on dancin