Thursday, August 12, 2010

Create Me.

So guyses, how you likin' my new blog look? I really like the fact that its an older computer, but you can only see it all if you put it into a full screen. I'm taking a graphic design class this year(excitement) so maybe i can make an awesome back ground for my bloggy poopoo:)


I've always been the person that tries so hard to be creative. I love project runway, America's next top model, and any other fashion/ artsy show out there. Or any show on bravo for that matter. Yet, besides dance... I have not one creative bone in my body. I'm the "nerd". I'm that person who could tell you that the quadratic formula is

x=\frac{-b \pm \sqrt {b^2-4ac}}{2a},

I had to Google it because I couldn't find the square root sign, but I still know it. I love my brain, so to speak, yet I want to wear something pretty for once. The following is what is in my closet: -american eagle jeans, -old navy tshirt. Thats it. I've got some old navy shorts too, but other than that, thats all.
Love For Fashion
I have no style. Well I guess you could say I do, but not a cute one! I'm happy in a T and jeans, but I think I could do so much better. Do you understand what I'm saying? Probably not, but I have to say this is the weirdest post I have ever posted. So I'm just going to end this right now. Bye.

Peace out Girl Scout.


  1. Hey, the "nerds" are the best :)

    Trust me, I've never been "popular" or "cool". I'm the girl who watches all the old timey TV shows in black and white. I'm the girl who will sit back and having a burping contest with my guy buddies (while trying to tutor them because they don't understand school at all :P)

    I'm the weird, wacky, unpredictable, confusing, puzzle box without directions :)

    You don't need a fashionable style to be great :) you seem like an awesome person! There isn't anything wrong with a T-shirt and blue jeans :) but if you want to feel different... head to a consignment shop and see what you can find. That way you can be fashionable and creative :D

  2. nerds! (: tee and jeans, the way to go!


    thanks for visiting! come back sometime soon :D

  3. :) i love you guys. you make me feel special:)and trust me I'm not going to change from my t-shirt and jeans to a mini skirt and 5 inch high heels. NEVER.


  4. HELLO HELLO!!! :)

    I had this funny idea when i popped in here. Thought of you and the word MADE popped in my head even before i clicked to go into your blog.
    I thought MADE as in that Mtv show made? You know where they wana be made into a something or other...

    ANYWAY what about a weekly TANSY CREATES post!! You can create us an outfit or something! Or crafts??! Some graphic design thing?
    I could never sew before until my mom attempted to show me and i actually sat down and said TODAY I WILL SEW!
    So i know if i can, YOU CAN!!!!!
    Just a thought...

    (Wheres the email follow up comments checkbox?) i actually am liking this new look. Kinda vintagey

  5. YES YES YES YES!!!! I LOVE IT! I'm thinking like photography and stuffs?! Maybe, Tansy creates as Tansy creates herself?????!!!!

    And I have totally no clue, I'll get on that.