Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Guess what. Can't well I'll tell you. THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!! I can't believe it, and for my 100th post I want to talk about something special.


In case you don't know invisible children is this AWESOME nonprofit organization that is trying to end a war in Northern Uganda in which a terrible rebel leader named Joseph Kony takes children in the middle of the night and forces them to kill their parents and fight in the war. 

Right now Invisible Children is trying to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS to rebuild schools affected by the world. My friend Taylor from camp is desperately trying to raise money for Awere Secondary School in Northern Uganda. 

If you only donate $1 it would help. You can donate here and make sure you put for LaGrange High School!

Thanks so much I LOVE all of you! I love the fact that all of you have read my blog and it makes me SOO happy! 


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  1. Since I followed your blog, I always read your posts.
    About the Invisible Children Organization, it's really awesome. They do something great! :)