Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"In the Shadow of Your Heart."

Secret No. 14: Luckily, hanging out with you didn't make me fall even harder. Luckily, I didn't even care you were there. Maybe I have let go and let God.
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  1. I hung out with the 'C' boy last week. And it was with his family. It was just bad. And it made me fall harder. But I'm letting go and letting God. Because He keeps filling me with an insane amount of joy and showing me that his plans are better than mine. Which makes me happy. (:

  2. Well not falling harder was more or less the fact that I'm pissed at you because I like you so much.

    Last, night, I finally decided to let go and let God, and let me tell you something. I've never felt so relieved.

  3. I'm so happy! When I did it, this unexplainable joy filled my heart. I kept smiling the day after I did it, and everything seems to be more positive. I think that I didn't have to be made completely broken, I just needed to let go for once and realize that I can't do it all.