Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slipping Back to Reality.

It was nice to visit blog. I'll miss you when I'm gone again. School starts in 10 hours, and I'm dreading it. Tonight can't be another sleepless night sorting out my thoughts. 
Square Gear - Picture A Day - January 2007
Its time to go back to tests, school, and teachers, and pressure to make all A's. It's time to go back to drama, and crap, and honestly I'm not ready. This break has done wonders for my mental health, granted it has driven me a little insane, but what's life with out a little insanity?
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It's time to go back to crappy food at 12 each day, time to go back to calculus and other crap... I just wish it would be time to go back to love, because honestly. I'd go back for love, but now I'm convinced there's no such thing. 
we dont need no thought control ▲
I have to go back though.. and it sucks.

Peace Out Girl Scout.


  1. yeah life sometimes drives us insane, but that's life which we have to face.
    going back to suck things will lead us to go back to happy things. :)

  2. hopefully, i'm dealing with life one day at a time now. Sucky things are coming more than happy right now though.