Saturday, November 6, 2010


So the Sad new is, Letters to the Future as well as Top Ten Thursdays are canceled. This blog is for ME. Not YOU, and those things were for YOU not ME. Yeah, I'm self absorbed, because sometimes it is about Me, not often but sometimes it is and this blog is really for me. 
watch me burn
For me and me only, if you're reading this it means that A.)  you find yourself to be in the same can of worms as myself, B.) You like the pretty pictures I post, or C.) you sincerely care for my well being. And all of those reasons are GRAND, but this blog isn't for YOU its for ME. 
id fight it back
And I'm okay with that. This blog is supposed to help me find out who I am as an individual, and I LOVE that you read my blog, I truly truly do, but if you didn't read it I wouldn't be upset. I really love having blogger friends and followers, but right now I just need to focus on ME not trying to please the whole internet.


Peace Out Girl Scout.


  1. Nothing wrong with that at all! Doing things to please people ALWAYS leads to disapointment...because you can't please them all. Great lives are full of the things that a person loves. Do what you love and you will never be disapointed.

  2. I'm kinda glad that those are cancled - honestly.

    I missed hearing about you. That's why I follow this blog :) to hear about you. You're a fellow senior in high school and I enjoy rejoicing in your acomplishments and sharing in your struggles.

    I hope that didn't sound stalkerish haha :) either way - I'm glad you're doing something for yourself! I know you've been busy but your blogger friends love ya :)

    Peace, love, and penguins :)

  3. Thanks guys!

    I love blogging, because of you guys, and I love just sharing and thinking out my thoughts. I felt like I was letting you down by not posting anything because with college applications and the never ending studying I can never have time to post anything, and that makes me sad. Thanks for all your support!

  4. I like reading your blog BECAUSE I like reading about YOUR journey!!! Hows that huh huh huh?? ;)