Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scared Myself to Death -Top 10 Thursday

Alright guyses!!! Its time for *drum roll* TOP TEN THURSDAY!!!

So this week I've been dying to watch a scary movie, so here's my top ten scary movies!!!

1. Amityville Horror(the old one)
Amityville Hauntings
This terrified me as a kid!!!

2. The Ring
モノクロ night
AHHHH! Like on the seventh day I was curled up in my mom's room holding like a pair of safety scissors only after I had turned around all the TV's in the house.

3. The Grudge
Movie Photos: KaDee Strickland in a scene from Takashi Shimizus The Grudge - 2004

4. The Grudge 2
What can I say, I just hate Asian scary movies, they FREAK ME OUT! oh and after looking at pictures for the grudge, I had to stop, I was starting to scare myself.

5. Exorcism of Emily Rose

6. Stay Alive
I still haven't played another video game.

7. 1408
It was just weird, but I liked it.

8. Poltergeist 3
Not one, Not two, but THREE! Scary as mess.

9. The Hills Have Eyes
I have a fear of driving on any deserted looking road because I picture the cannibals popping my tires and trying to eat me.

10. The Skeleton Key
I love me some creole voodoo! Love it love it love it!

Peace out Girl Scout.

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