Sunday, September 12, 2010

I hate people.

UGHHH! So have you ever tried to tell someone a piece of information, then they blow up on you, well that just happened to me. I keep trying to tell my friend I can't do a study group during the week and it would be better for me to do it on the weekend, but they decided to go completely bonkers and tell me that i'm stupid and crap. I just told them that it would be easier to do it on the weekend or later on the week day, but no. They decide that I just can't be trusted and I'm a bad person. Ah. 



  1. Wow, on their period much? I hate it when that happens. Teenagers are hormonal (me included) I'm sure everything will be alright once everyone cools down :)

  2. seriously, I think so. It drives me nuts.

    Thanks for the support:)