Thursday, September 23, 2010

My mind's going places, i just wish my feet would follow.

I've come down with a terrible case of wander lust. Really, I'm so ready to just GO and experience the world first hand. If I had the funds available, and could speak a bunch of different languages, I would totally take a gap year before college to just GO.    I don't know what it is, but my feet are ready to go.
 It might be "small town syndrome" where after living in a place where everyone knows everyone, you're kinda ready to break loose. All I know for sure is that sometime before I die I will go to the following places. This is my Travel to Ten.
We had dreams and songs to sing
1. Australia/New Zealand.
-I admit it, its the accents:) no, but really, this is one of my top places to visit. Oh, and those cute kangaroos:)
2. Africa
- Not for the exotic animals or any of that, Its for the people. The people there is what I plan to travel there for, especially the impoverished. 
Facebook | Pavla Krystýnovás Portraits - Orphanage Bawjiase
3. England
-I'm a fool for a British accent. And just the history there, its incredible.
all i want is everything
4. Ireland
-Why does everywhere, but America have awesome accents? Also I just really want to go see all the AMAZING castles. 
KILKENNY, IRELAND. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
5. NYC
-Broadway is a definate must, along with Time Square and Central Park. I HAVE to go here.
6. Paris, France
-Ah, the city of lights. I really just want to see the louvre, and the Eifel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe, and well ahh, French accents:)


- Sign me up on the next flight to LAX, California is the real sunshine state, sorry to disappoint you Florida.
8. Canada
-I really don't know why, but I just think Canada's pretty freakin' awesome.
Photo of the Day: Best of June 2009, Photo Gallery - National Geographic
9. Israel
- All that history and culture, AWESOME!
Flickr: Your Photostream
10. Rome, Italy
-Really I could just put all of Italy, but I really just want to go to Rome, what can I say I'm a history nut. I love Roman culture!
What's your top ten destinations?

Peace out Girl Scout.


  1. Not sure i have TEN places but I'll try my best!!
    Ok places I'd love to go see:
    1. Egypt. Since small it was where my heart it. I dont know why, just is.
    2. Greece/Rome for the collesium and parthion (Gosh my spelling is rotten this morning)
    3. India for the people, colours, clothes and food.
    4. China for the great wall, people and pandas.
    5. Canada for the snow and bears.
    6. Jamaica for my mom, it's her dream.
    7. A beach with black sand.

    I THINK that's all

  2. here we go!!!
    1. I would love to go to England. I love the fashion... ha!! and would love to see London!
    2. Holland. One of my best Friends is from there and keeps trying to get me to go. I might have to take her up on that.
    3. Bali ~ I saw Eat Pray Love and it looks beautiful!
    4. Egypt ~ pyramids, sphinx, and mystery love it!
    4. Japan or China ~ i'd love to be in a place where I'm the tallest person ha!!
    5. Italy ~ Food and history
    6. The Oprah show..... that can be a place right?
    7. California
    8. Spain ~ lets run with the Bulls

    and thats all I can think of at the moment! us blogger Friends should plan a trip!

  3. Hmmm.. Canada? I lived there for a year and a half. If you go, go to the West Edmonton Mall. It use to be the largest indoor mall in the world (I believe it is the second largest now). It's HUGE! They even have a waterpark and an amusement park INSIDE the mall. Oh and check out Lake Victoria (it's absolutely beautiful). The best time to go would be in the fall because the colors are stunning. I don't know if it's just where I was but after it rained, I use to see double rainbows all the time (one rainbow right over another).

    Oh and be prepared to talk up a storm. Canadians think that American accents are super cool :)

    Anyways, my top places to go... I think I should blog about it. You've inspired me :)