Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hang in there, I know we're doing this for a reason.

Dear Morals,

I love you. I really truly do, and I'm sorry I'm putting myself in these situations that you get quite a beating, but always end up kicking ass in the end. I mean how many people can stand by what they believe in getting picked on for two hours? Not many. 
Listen to your heart

I know that you're probably telling me to stop putting myself in these situations, but the truth is, I think God wants us in those situations. Though you probably hate me for letting those kids laugh at you, I know we're stronger than that. 
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Maybe we'll have some sort of impact on their lives, and honestly I really hope we do. They don't have awesome morals like you, except for Sam, I think he respects us. Even if we don't change their lives, I hope they know we tried, and I'm proud of us for not giving in and giving up the fight. 
Listen to your heart



  1. I had a friend who wasn't exactly in the "Christian" crowd. He and I got pretty close and he started asking questions about why I was a Christian and about church and about what I believe.

    We finally found the root of the problem when he said that he didn't think that God would ever want him or could ever forgive him for the things he had done. I told him the story of David, the man after God's own heart. About a month later, he became saved and turned his life around.

    About half a year after that... he and I started dating. We're still going strong (as evidenced by my blog posts haha).

    Never leave your Christian friends behind, but don't give up on the ones with problems either. If even one becomes saved as a result of your life and your words, than the Kingdom of God will be furthered and it will be more than worth it :)

    Much love,

  2. Thanks. You have no idea how much I needed those few words of encouragement.